Old Hudson Valley Bands

A Look Back At The Hudson Valley Music Scene



Group Therapy
They started out at Poughkeepsie High School in 1965 as Mike and The Mystics, but shortly became Group Therapy, possibly because there were now three members named Mike, which confused people (including the members). Upon graduation in 1967, the original Mike (Lawry) left for college in California and was replaced by Mike Gilroy. The first photo was taken at College Hill in Poughkeepsie. Members are (left to right) Mike Gilroy, Mike Coyle, Skip Wills, Donnie Herring and Mike Cole. The second photo is Group Therapy with their van in front of the What's It To Ya? nightclub.It was owned by Warren Wiseman and former WHVW DJ "Large Sarge". Left to right are Mike Coyle, Mike Gilroy, Mike Cole, Skip Wills and Donnie Herring.

Who Are These Clowns?