Old Hudson Valley Bands

A Look Back At The Hudson Valley Music Scene



The Stingrays
The Stingrays of Newburgh were a group consisting of Ronnie Moskowitz, Tommy Kinsler, Autavis Graham, Tony Davilio, and Bruce Shapiro. They were signed to Columbia Records in 1969 and released their 45 rpm single "Fool" They toured throughout the East Coast and appeared on many regional TV shows. Tony went on to become one of the most sought after studio guitarists and played on many successful albums for well known artists. He then received a grammy for his work with John Lennon and Yoko Ono producing and arranging one of their albums. He also wrote a book describing his two week studio experience with them. Autavis "Tave" Graham is a very popular DJ to this day. Bruce Shapiro is retired from a family business and lives in the area. Unfortunately, both Ronnie and Tommy met untimely deaths many years ago. Former member not shown: Greg Wickline

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