Old Hudson Valley Bands

A Look Back At The Hudson Valley Music Scene



The Pastense
The Pastense were formed in 1965 in Troy, NY and played in and around the Capital District and Lake George until 1967. Highlights include playing with the Myddle Class at Kapp's in the Hollow in Rensselaer, NY and opening for the Young Rascals (later The Rascals) in Colonie, NY. The band consisted of Gary Bailey on guitar and Hammond B-3, Louie Dufresne on lead guitar, Jimmy Wilkins (formerly with the Majestics) on drums, and me, Nick Kaiser on bass. At one point during Lou Dufresne's absence, Steve Gallant (also formerly of the Majestics) played lead guitar. Early on, Bob Cipperly played drums. In photo #1 the names from left to right are Louie Dufresne, Nick Kaiser, Jimmy Wilkins, and Gary Bailey. Photo #2 left to right - Jimmy Wilkins, Louie Dufresne, Nick Kaiser, and Gary Bailey. Photo #3 left to right - Louie Dufresne, Nick Kaiser, Gary Bailey, Bob Cipperly.

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