Old Hudson Valley Bands

A Look Back At The Hudson Valley Music Scene



The Hellcats
From the mid-70's to 1991, the Hellcats played their own brand of rock'n'roll - with a style that was uniquely original, even as it called to mind the sounds of the early Stones, the music that influenced the Stones- like Howlin' Wolf and Chuck Berry - and married that sound to a more modern, raw edge. This raw-edged bluesy concoction that resulted was a perfect companion to strong songwriting skills and resulted in very favorable comparisons to such cult bands as the New York Dolls and Iggy Pop's Stooges. Their original sound and super-tight, energetic stage show earned the band a strong cult following and many enthusiastic reviews in the U.S. and Europe. Album length releases included 'Rockin' Bones' from 1987, and 'Electric OD' from 1990, while 1989 saw the release of the 'No Sympathy' EP. The first official release of the band, though, was a 45 RPM in 1982 (Down and Out b/w Modernize). The most well known carnation of the band featured Del Thomas (Drums and vox), H. Miller (Lead guitar and vox), Rick Teezer (Rhythm Guitar and Lead vocals), and Randy Velez (Bass and vox). H.Miller and Del Thomas were there from the beginning, having started the band while still in school. An enthusiastic response to the recently launched Facebook page - HellcatsRock - has prompted the planned re-release of not only the previously available recordings, but also a special CD of live cuts and favorite covers that were given the Hellcat treatment.
The first shot is from a show circa 1989. Thats Rick Teezer, vox and guitar, and H. Miller, vox and guitar.
The second one is around 1990. It was for an ad and a decal that was given out to the members of the Hellcat fan club for the release of the 'Electric O.D.' album.
The third shot is from around 1987.

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